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By submitting all required documents, applications usually take between 2 – 4 weeks. Some universities however are able to issue offer letters within a week.

Please contact us with your documents; certificates, transcripts, high school certificates, passport, CV, statement of Purpose, recommendation letters to assist you with a university?

For applications to Canada it could take between 3- 4 months. For Australia and New Zealand, it could take between 1-3 months depending on your course (Coursework/ research).

For UK, it could take up to 3 weeks unless you want to apply for priority which takes 1 week.

For USA, it is a face to face interview and so it is based in your appointment date. You get the notice the same day.

Europe also depends on the country. For the face-to face interviews you get results the same day while for others you have some few months to get notification.

Visa application varies among the countries. The best thing is to always prepare your documents and apply as early as possible. During peak periods, visas might delay.

Honestly no, no agency can promise you a visa. It is a sole responsibility of the department of immigration of your country of choice.

However, our staff are well trained to carry out all the needed steps in securing your visa for you. With our 98% visa success. All document for applications needs to be submitted.

Yes and No. Even in the same destination, it differs with respect to each university. There are destinations that even if the Universities do not require it, immigration will. There are also some universities that organize in house English exams that can exempt you from taking a test.

There are institutions that accept students with third class. Some institutions also do not as they require at least a second class lower.

For instance, in Canada, admission requirements are very high and chances are slim for students with less than a second class upper.


Except a few, most universities require you to make a deposit before visa. After deposit payment, the university will issue the letter for the visa.

This letter is for instance called the CAS in the UK, The COE in Australia, LOA in Canada, i20 in USA. Deposit payment usually less or equal to 50% of your tuition fee.

Yes. There are scholarships that are academic merit based, that is, it depends on your grade. There are also scholarships that are offered based on your country and financial need.

We are able to assist students to apply for that which is applicable to them. Some universities offer bursaries to cut down your expenses.

The students visas for US, UK Canada, Australia and New Zealand allows students to work while studying. It is the same for most European countries. Usually, students can work up to 20 hours per week.

Your education can be sponsored by specific people who have a relation with. Kindly contact us to assist you with who is best to be used as a sponsor as it varies among the countries.

Do not apply or listen to other people. We have experienced visa counsellors to assist you.

It actually depends on your program and country of choice. Masters programs in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and most European countries is usually 2 years.

This is different to the UK where it takes usually 1 year for a master’s program. Bachelor is Canada and USA are 3- 4 years, Australia, UK and New Zealand is 3 years. PhD’s are 3 years in Australia, 4 years in New Zealand, UK and Canada is 3-4 years.

It depends on your choice but we will guide you in making this decision. Students usually want a destination that can allow you to work while studying, have flexible class times and offer post study work permits.

In recent times Australia and Canada have become a preferred destination for some international students. The UK has reintroduced its post study work permit s as well.

The USA also provides the Optional Practical Training (OPT) which extends your F-1 visa and allows you to look for work after your study.

If your question does not appear here, kindly give us a call us or email us to assist you with your enquiry.